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Handspun with spindles

Using a drop spindle, or hand spindle to spin yarn is probably one of the oldest yarn making techniques we know of. It predates the spinning wheel, and some form of a spindle exist in more or less every culture on earth. In a way, it feels like you're connecting to the past as you draft the wool inch by inch. In todays society, very few people need to spin yarn, but we choose to do it either way. Some of us because we love the look and feel of handspun yarn, and others simply because they love the act of spinning. 

Handspun linen chabu

Image above, handspun raw linen chabu. 

When I weave with my handspun yarn, each piece feels even more unique. It fills me with pride and joy to be able to create a finished garment from start to end. Every single little irregularity in the yarn tells a story, and I'm absolutely in love with it. I have used a handspun linen and wool runner in my living room as a chabu for months - even taken it with me when I have traveled with tea. 

The spinning process takes time, but in the end - it is so worth it.