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About Klaka

Weaving is one of the oldest crafts we know of. Its history goes back thousands of years back into the start of civilisations. Still today in our modern day there is something magical about the process of weaving. How simple fibers can be turned into yarn, which then through its interplay creates a lovely fabric. 

Klaka is a dialect word in Norwegian meaning frozen. In the cold winter months of Norway wool is your saviour. I hope to bring a bit of the beautiful Norwegian nature out to the world through these products. 

I have a strong passion for tea, and even study chanoyu, the Japanese tea ceremony. My journey into weaving came directly from this passion. I want to create simple clothes for myself to use as chabu, or tea table cloths. The tea ceremonies of different countries have strong connection to local craftmanship. From pottery, calligraphy, flower decorations to textile works. I wish to add a bit of nordic touch to the simple beauty of these tea ceremonies with these products.